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AAA Basement & Foundation Technologies Inc. is the fastest growing basement waterproofing dealer network in the world. And we’re proud to be the leading name in the basement waterproofing industry.


AAA Basement & Foundation Technologies designs, manufacturers, supplies and provides the dealers with patented products. Our products can be Custom Tailored to each sub-floor situation. You can feel comfortable knowing that our staff is fully trained and that AAA Basement & Foundation of Kansas is someone you can trust when it comes to basement waterproofing and repair.

Basement Professionals

AAA Basement Technologies Inc. international basement and crawl space training center maintains a complete inventory of products and supplies. It is the home for the training of employees in state-of-the-art basement waterproofing techniques. Customers are presented our cost effective solutions from only fully trained and experienced technical estimators.

Invest in your Home

A wet basement wastes an entire level of your home, this space can now be used for storage or extra living space, adding usable square footage to the home. It makes no sense to live in a home with an unusable wet basement or a basement that floods once in a while. AAA Basement Technologies of Kansas can easily provide a permanent solution.

Protecting your Home

Your home is your one of your greatest investments. At AAA Basement and Foundation Technologies we work hard to get you home back on a solid foundation. Basement Leaks and Cracks, cause pain and angst, we return your peace of mind.
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