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AAA Basement & Foundation Technologies of Kansasprides itself on having the best trained and most qualified technicians in the industry. With our own unique line of equipment and repair techniques, AAA Basement Technologies is guaranteed to deliver the service you’d expect from only the most experienced technicians.AAA Basement & Foundation Technologies of Kansas is more than just damage control, it’s flood prevention. We’re not just a another repair company, we want to help protect your greatest investment with the quality you deserve.
Take a look at the diagram below for a sample of the kinds of service we provide.
  1. Water Trek Aqua Route® (2 styles) Able To Handle Sub Floor Water Management
  2. Cove Base 4 Available Styles Dependent On Sub Floor Needs
  3. Water Grabber® – Sump Pump Systems
  4. Ranger™ – Radon Stop Drain
  5. Stallion Eliminator – Sump Pump Battery Backup
  6. The Poni – Battery Backup System
  7. The Freeze Stop™ – Sump Pump Freeze Discharge Protection
  8. Bubbler Pot™ – Exterior Discharge Dispenser
  9. Lawn Magnum™ – Below Ground Discharge Dispenser
  10. The Alternator™ – Sump Pump Discharge Re-routing System
  11. Curtain Drain™ – Exterior Drainage System
  12. Hot Floor™ – Basement Plywood Insulated Flooring System
  13. Tech-Deck – Modular Basement Floor Covering
  14. Rain Recycler™ – Lawn Watering System
  15. Air Mop® – Heavy Duty Industrial/Marine Dehumidifier
  16. Bon Aire™ – Electronic Humidity Control System
  17. The Light™ – Basement Replacement Window
  18. Well-Tech™ – Custom Clear Window Well Cover
  19. Gutter Shooter – Power Gutter Flush Nozzle
  20. Gutter Tamer – Gutter Leaf Diverter
  21. Techni-Crack – Hydrophobic Membrane Process
  22. Flood Chek Hoses – Washing Machine Hose Protection
  23. Finish White™ – Basement Wall Finishing System
  24. Fieldstone Wall Conduit™ – Fieldstone Wall Solution
  25. Crawlspace Conduit™ – Crawlspace Solution
  26. Tank Pro™ – Hot Water Tank/Washing Machine Flood Protector
  27. Base Board System
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