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Home Wall Treatment

Wall Treatment

Power Brace stops the forces of nature from having a negative impact on your basement walls. With the help of the Power Brace System, your walls will move back to their original position over a short period time.

Power Brace System

The patented Power Brace System is an I Beam that can straighten & stabilize your basement walls. The Power Brace is unique in that there is no digging or landscape removal required. Power Brace fastens to installed floor joists and anchors into the concrete floor. Once the Power Brace is set, it will hold the wall in place preventing any future movement. We are a licensed dealer of the Power Brace wall bracing system.

ECP Plate Anchors

ECP Anchors protect your lifelong investment. Bowed and cracked walls can lower your home’s value. Basement Technologies of Kansas offers the Earth Contact Product Plate Anchors which are made right here in Kansas. The ECP Plate Anchors are designed to stabilize cracked and bowed foundation walls. Once the plates are in place, we can pull your wall back into place immediately or torque on these over time.
The ECP Plate Anchor is the most economical method for providing additional lateral force to help stabilize bowed and cracking retaining or basement walls.
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